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Bingham Technical Solutions, Inc
Summary of Benefits

 Medical  Coverage

  • The  health plan  provides 100%  coverage within the  provider network and 80% coverage for out of network  providers
  • The prescription drug plan is based upon a $10-$30-$50 schedule for Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 prescriptions.
  • The Premiums – Bingham Technical Solutions will pay 100% of your employee premium and 80% of your Family premium.

Dental  Coverage  

·         The  dental  plan  allows  you  to  see  the  dentist  of  your  choice.   Highlights  of  the  plan  include  a $50/$150 Individual/Family  deductible  and  100%  coverage  for  your  two  annual  preventative  check- ups  and  x-rays.     

  Vision  Coverage  

  • Our  vision  plan  is  offered through Blue Cross Care First. The vision plan includes  a  comprehensive  eye exam  every 2 years.  New lenses, contacts and frames, are offered at a discounted cost every  24  months. There is a $10 co-payment per visit.

Long  Term  Disability  Insurance  

  • Highlights  of  the  plan  include  income  replacement  equal  to  60%  or  your  pre-disability  earnings  to  a maximum  monthly  benefit  of  $6,000.  

Short Term  Disability  Insurance  

  • Highlights  of  the  plan  include  income  replacement  equal  to  60%  or  your  pre-disability  earnings  to  a maximum  monthly  benefit  of  $1,000.  

Voluntary  Benefits

  • The  Company  also  provides  additional  benefits  through  payroll  deduction  that  can  be  personally tailored  to  meet  you  and  your  family’s  specific  needs.   The   voluntary  plans  offered  to  employees through  pre-tax  or  post-tax  payroll  deductions.  Details on these plans can be obtained by contacting our benefits department.   

401(k)  Plan  

  • The  Company  will  match  25%  of  your  contributions (employee participation required) into  your  401k account  until  your  contributions  equal  6%  of  your  annual  compensation  or  you  reach  the  annual maximum  for  401k  contributions.   This  will  allow  you  to  receive  an  additional  tax  deferred  benefit up  to  1.5%  of  your  annual  compensation.  Vesting is based on a 4-year graduated schedule where you are 25% vested after one (1) year and 100% vested after four (4) years with the company.

Profit  Sharing  Plan  

  • The  Company  contributions  to  this  plan  are  discretionary  and  dependent  upon  net  profits  of  the Company.

Paid Time Off/Holidays  

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) --  New  employees  shall  accrue  two (2)  days  per  each  full  month  of  employment with  a  maximum  of  20  days  total  for  the  year.  The accrued PTO time can be used after 3 full months of employment.  PTO used as sick leave can be taken after the first full month of employment.
  • Holidays --  There  are  ten  paid  holidays  per  year.   

Professional Organizations  

  • The  Company  encourages  employees  to  further  their  professional  development  and  effectiveness  on the  job  by  offering  financial  assistance  for  professional  registrations  and  professional  societies.  
  • Professional  Registrations  –  The  Company  will  pay  for  registration  and  renewal  expenses  for professional  licenses  that  the  Company  may  ask  the  employee  to  acquire  or  maintain.  
  • Professional  Society  Memberships  –  The  Company  will  pay  membership  expenses  in  professional societies  to  which  the  company  request  that  the  employee  belong up to $300 per year.  


Contact us to discuss your future: gregory.bingham@binghamtech.com