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Bingham Technical Solutions, Inc
Summary of Benefits

 Medical  Coverage

  • Exceptional Health Care Plan run by CareFirst, a Blue Cross/Blue Shield company.
  • The Premiums – Bingham Technical Solutions pays 100% of your "single person" premiums and 80% of your "Family" premiums.

Dental  Coverage  

·         The  dental  plan  is run by Dominion National and offers exceptional dental coverage both in and out of network.  Monthly premiums for this insurance are covered by the company.

Long  Term  Disability  Insurance  

  • Highlights  of  the  plan  include  income  replacement  up  to  60%  of  your  pre-disability  earnings  to  a maximum  monthly  benefit  of  $6,000.  

Short Term  Disability  Insurance  

  • Highlights  of  the  plan  include  income  replacement  up  to  60%  of  your  pre-disability  earnings  to  a maximum  monthly  benefit  of  $1,000.  

401(k)  Plan  

  • The  Company  will  match  25%  of  your  contributions (employee participation required) into  your  401k account  until  your  contributions  equal  6%  of  your  annual  compensation  or  you  reach  the  annual maximum  for  401k  contributions.  Vesting is based on a 4-year graduated schedule where you are 25% vested after one (1) year and 100% vested after four (4) years with the company.

Profit  Sharing  Plan  

  • The  Company  contributions  to  this  plan  are  discretionary  and  dependent  upon  net  profits  of  the Company.

Paid Time Off/Holidays  

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) --  New  employees  shall  accrue  two (2)  days  per  each  full  month  of  employment up to  a  maximum of 20  days for the year.  Accrued PTO time can be used after 3 full months of employment.  PTO used as sick leave can be taken after one (1) full month of employment.
  • Holidays --  There  are  ten  paid  holidays  per  year.   

Professional Organizations  

  • The  Company  encourages  employees  to  further  their  professional  development  and  effectiveness  on the  job  by  offering  financial  assistance  for  professional  registrations  and  professional  societies.  
  • Professional  Registrations  –  The  Company  will  pay  for  registration  and  renewal  expenses  for professional  licenses  that  the  Company  may  ask  the  employee  to  acquire  or  maintain.  
  • Professional  Society  Memberships  –  When approved, the  Company  will  pay  membership  expenses  in  professional societies up to a maximum of $300 per year.  


Contact us to discuss your future: gregory.bingham@binghamtech.com